Young Dirty Bastard Calls Dad ODB A "Genius," Criticizes Wu-Tang ...

Glad child Young Dirty Bastard ‘s life is committed to keeping up his dad’s heritage. The rapper has emulated his dad’s example and is proceeding to seek after a music vocation, even as of late discharging his noteworthy single “Bar Sun.” YDB was as of late highlighted on Growing Up Hip Hop New York where watchers had the option to become familiar with Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s child, and obviously YDB is a carbon copy of his dad.

In spite of the fact that it’s been a long time since the world lost the Wu-Tang legend, the accounts of Ol’ Dirty Bastard keep on streaming. YDB plunked down with AllHipHop to clear up misguided judgments about his father while adulating his great deeds all the while. “My dad consistently gave back,” YDB said. “Suppose it’s cold outside. The youngsters gon’ eat. He gave them all the cash out his pockets. They considered him a grimy mothaf*cka, yet he’s the cleanest one in his heart. He was a virtuoso. Individuals got him confounded. Furthermore, he was a pioneer, as well.”

The subject of Hulu’s hit arrangement Wu-Tang: an American Saga came up and it was referenced that TJ Atoms, the entertainer who depicted ODB, referenced that he invested energy with YDB to get familiar with the rapper. YDB amended the host and stated, “We never went through no days together. Keep it genuine with you.” He said that the entertainer asked “to chill” yet that was the extent that it went. “As a matter of first importance, that is my family,” YDB said. “In the event that anything, we should pick who we need to assume the job. That was coordinated from a more significant level that, you know, it was organized behind entryways the incorrect route for my sake.”

“I figure they ought to have unquestionably picked me,” the rapper included. “Since I assume the job each day. Life.” He included, “To get anyone to do it and not reach to the most elevated entertainer on the platform at the time. I would have called Denzel [Washington], you recognize what I’m stating. He would have said no, yet I would have called another person. I would have did that first before doing that.”

YDB likewise conceded that he wasn’t dazzled with TJ Atoms’ depiction of his dad. The rapper said his mom is “pissed at it” since “he looks increasingly like a blockhead. My dad wasn’t no blockhead.” He expressed by and by that his dad is a pioneer and he can’t be seen driving anything in the arrangement.

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