Waka Flocka Reveals First Plan After Becoming American PresidentWaka Flocka Reveals First Plan After Becoming American President, It might be past the point of no return for Waka Flocka to toss his name in the list for the 2020 political race however he is as yet telling the world how he would go through his first day in office.

Following the appalling homicide of Ahmaud Arbery, Waka Flocka accepts that to a greater extent a spotlight ought to be put on discrimination in the White House. Various important personnel have stood in opposition to the slaughtering of the 25-year-old, who was shot dead while running by two men who have not yet being captured.

In the event that we ever live to see a day where Waka Flocka pursues position, we currently realize what he would do on his first day.

“If I become president first thing I’m doing is placing in a war on racism act,” said the rapper on Instagram. “Racism to me resembles fear monger, menaces, underhandedness, and wrong doing there’s no distinction from either #wakaforpresident.”

The way things are, the 2020 Presidential Election will probably observe two leaders on the voting form in Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Waka Flocka may choose to run as a free candidate.

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