Waka Flocka Sympathizes With Troops Amidst Jokes About World War 3


Waka Flocka not messing with Troops Amidst Jokes About World War 3. While the President of The United States tweets out dangers to Iran like he’s 50 Cent attempting to tear down French Montana, many are worried about the lives put in question because of Trump’s swagger. A U.S. airstrike has taken out the top Iranian military authority, Qassem Soleimani, and it appears to be unavoidable that there will be some type of reprisal for this. An outrageous forecast has been that things will grow into World War 3. Twitter rushed to turn this appalling destiny into kids about draft-evading, etc in light of the fact that Twitter can’t pay attention to anything.

Not every person felt this was a suitable event for images, however. Waka Flocka Flame has taken to posting rousing statements and irregular considerations on his Instagram page. “These war images amusing and jokes until you have a companion or relative leaving for war,” Waka wrote in white content over a dark foundation. “My heart goes out to the 7,000 troopers leaving and I’m likewise appealing to God for the individuals in Iran.”

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Waka wasn’t the main rapper to openly feel for the soldiers. Submissive Mill tweeted: “Once for the warriors that truly gotta do battle and put ya life on hold …. we from the channels so we know the sentiment of having ya life on hold all day, every day not knowing whether you gone make it home!”

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