Trump says He is going to Enact a Law to Restrict Immigration

President Trump declared in a tweet late Monday night that he is preparing to restrict immigration to the United States, a move he said is essential to preserve American workers and protect the country from the coronavirus outbreak, which he called the “Invisible Enemy.” “In view of the Invisible Enemy’s attack and the need to protect the workers of our GREAT American People, I’m going to sign an agreement. , “wrote the President unveiling the proposal at 10:06 p.m. 

Trump says he is going to enact a law to restrict immigration, who is running for reelection on his immigration record and his effort to build a wall on the Mexico border, has long been frustrated with the limits on his ability to seal off the United States by decree. An executive order suspending all immigration to the country would take the president’s impulses to an untested extreme.
Two White House officials said an executive order is being drafted and that Trump could sign it as soon as Tuesday. The order, which was discussed among senior staff members Monday, would suspend nearly all immigration under the rationale of preventing the spread of infection by foreigners arriving from abroad.

The United States currently has more confirmed coronavirus cases, by far, than any other country, with more than 775,000; the next highest country is Spain, with 200,000 cases. The United States also has far more confirmed virus-related deaths — more than 42,000 — than any other nation; Italy has more than 24,000 deaths and Spain just fewer than 21,000.

That exceptions Trump could provide in such a sweeping immigration order remains unknown, or whether prospective immigrants might enter the United States by proving that they are free of the virus. Officials in the White House said they felt the directive would not be in place in the long term.
The announcement by the president caught off guard several senior officials from the Department of Homeland Security, and the department declined to address questions and demands to clarify Trump’s strategy late Monday.
The United States has indeed imposed extensive travel limitations from Europe, China and other pandemic hot spots, while carrying out tight controls at the country’s land borders. Global air traffic has stopped.

Stopping immigration to the United States may impact hundreds of thousands of visa holders and other would-be green card recipients who intend and prepare to come to the United States at any time. Many of the Americans are family members.
It would have to direct the State Department and the U.S. for Trump’s executive order to be effective. Citizenship and Immigration Services to stop Immigration visa issuance immediately. Such a move seems to have no modern precedent and theoretically would leave U.S. citizens’ fiancés, children and other close relatives in limbo.

Last year, the State Department granted nearly 460,000 immigrant visas, and USCIS approved almost 580,000 green card approvals for foreigners applying for permanent residency, the latest US statistics show.

Alex Nowrasteh, the Cato Institute’s director of immigration studies, a libertarian think tank, said the president undoubtedly has the power to issue such an order during a time of crisis.
Nowrasteh said Trump has at least two legal justifications for closing the border to all immigration: US Title 42. Law requires the president to suspend immigration on safety grounds, while a 2018 U.S. The ruling of the Supreme Court upholding his travel ban grants him legal authorisation.

If such an order were in fact signed, it would be unprecedented in American history, Nowrasteh said. During the height of the 1918 flu pandemic, the United States allowed more than 110,000 immigrants to enter the country.

It would be unprecedented in American history if such an order were actually signed, Nowrasteh said. The United States allowed more than 110,000 immigrants into the country at the height of the 1918 flu pandemic.
And during World War II, the United States admitted more than 170,000 green carded immigrants and more than 227,000 temporary agricultural workers, mostly from Mexico, on the visa program for the bracero guest worker.
Many forms of immigration into the United States have already been effectively stopped by the President, Nowrasteh said. His latest move extends his restrictionist immigration policies and uses the pandemic as the rationale to push them to a new level.

The State Department cancelled several regular visa appointments for immigrants and non-immigrants at its offices overseas on March 18, effectively shutting down almost all new modes of travel into the United States. The State Department has suspended all refugee resettlement processing.
However, authorities reopened the issuance of H-2A visas for seasonal guest workers later that week. Agricultural workers in the country were officially declared “necessary workers,” including hundreds of thousands of people entering the country under that temporary visa.
Nowrasteh said he was shocked that Trump took too long to use the pandemic and the public health cause as a reason for doing this one of his highest policy priorities.

“During his entire presidency, the President was opposed to legal immigration,” he said. “It is an opportunity to fully shut it down, and that’s about as valid as you can in terms of a broad reason for doing so.” Trump has already used the health emergency to implement the kind of security steps he has long admired at the U.S. border with Mexico, actions that have effectively closed the border with asylum seekers and brushed off anti-trafficking safeguards for U.S. U.S. border officials have detained 10,000 border crossers in an average of just over an hour and a half daily over the last few weeks of the coronavirus crisis; That had drained U.S. completely Border Patrol housing detention centers.

U.S. border officials say the steps are in place to protect government officers, health care staff, and the public by stopping potentially infectious migrants from coming to the U.S. and reducing U.S. immigration prison population.


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