Tiffany Haddish Claims Blueface Tossing Money At Homeless Was A Blessing In Disguise



That is one of taking a gander at it. Tiffany Haddish ringed in on Blueface’s ongoing jokes on Skid Row, in which he made it downpour on a horde of vagrants while he was remaining over a vehicle. A video of the rapper circled that indicated him tossing bills noticeable all around instead of hand the money out straightforwardly to the people. Blueface got a huge amount of analysis, many guaranteeing that the demonstration was mortifying for these people on the ground who needed to scour the road for free bills. Individual rapper, Cupcakke, even considered him a “genuine cornball” on Twitter subsequent to seeing the clasp.


Tiffany Haddish feels in an unexpected way, be that as it may. The comic guaranteed that the demonstration of tossing cash around to provide for the destitute is a typical practice where she’s from, and that it is anything but a negative thing by any means. “It resembles convention. It’s not strange. It’s really, from my experience, customary. I’ve seen it so often.”


“Those individuals that is stating it’s dehumanizing and corrupting clearly haven’t lived in the hood. I’m from South Central Los Angeles. I’ve been around a great deal of gangbangers, street pharmacists, and things like that, and they do frequently give out cash, once in a while turkeys, toys—things of this nature. They’re altruistic, they’re being beneficent. Be that as it may, for as long as I can remember, I have known a great deal of men with cash that are subsidiary to hop over their best vehicle and make it downpour.” She even thinks about the demonstration to what occurs in a strip club. “Is it accurate to say that they are stating it’s corrupting when the men are in the club and they’re tossing cash and the ladies gotta lift that cash up off the ground with no garments? That is to say, these individuals are dressed and they’re living on Skid Row in tents, similar to, please.” When asked how she thinks the individuals accepting the cash may have felt, she calls attention to a significant differentiation. “It would’ve been corrupting in the event that he was tossing out ‘ones.’ That’s debasing, But on the off chance that he’s tossing out ‘hundreds,’ he’s perhaps causing it so someone to can get a space for the night to remain in so they don’t need to be in the harsh elements. You don’t have the foggiest idea what favoring that might’ve assisted someone with.”

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