YBN Almighty Jay Proposes to Blac Chyna on Instagram - XXL

Things Seems To Be Lighting Up Between Blac Chyna & YBN Almighty Jay, There are some exes who can’t avoid each other. As of late, YBN Almighty Jay was hit with “Jackass of the Day” by The Breakfast Club after he talked about how he’s been spending his isolation.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea, I ain’t generally been taking it genuine,” he said. “despite everything have been having like, young ladies and stuff pull up to the spot… We don’t observe social distancing.” The comments made the youthful rapper an objective for analysis, however it’s said that he’s since changed his ways and now urges everybody to remain confined inside.

In any case, it doesn’t look as though YBN Almighty Jay has been investing the entirety of his energy alone. The Neighborhood Talk shared a photograph that shows he may have visited his ex Blac Chyna’s home as of late, based on photographs that surfaced online.

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Blac Chyna, presently 31, created a ruckus when it was uncovered that she was dating the then 19-year-old dad in 2018. Since their separation, the pair have remained companions and in February, YBN Almighty Jay talked about his relationship with his ex. He expressed that Blac Chyna was a “cool individual” with a “decent character,” yet she’s wild “more often than not.”

In the mean time, Blac Chyna keeps on being caught in youngster guardianship lawful show with ex-partner Rob Kardashian. The pair have stood out as truly newsworthy after their court records have been circled in the media that show the previous couple hurling around egregious allegations including drug misuse, kid disregard, and dangers of brutality.

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