The Game Draws Sees Similarities Between Eminem & Kendrick Lamar


Seven days prior, The Game’s Born 2 Rap press run carried him up close and personal with Talib Kweli on The People’s Party, where a long and intriguing discussion unfolded. Today, we’ve gathered another goody from the meeting, one that features Game’s point of view on hip-jump’s most impressive lyricists. And keeping in mind that there are some who are irrefutably decent with the bars, it’s that fearsome focused edge that really separates a world class challenger from an incredible one. For Game, the benchmark was initially set by Eminem, who built up a notoriety for pulverizing anyone who challenged criticize him.


“I couldn’t want anything more than to go to expressive fighting with a portion of the emcees I respect,” reflects Game, talking on his Born 2 Rap track “The Light.” “Cole and Kendrick resembles Jay-Z and Nas, however Kendrick is from here. I have an inclination that if Cole and Kendrick do a collection it’s acknowledged as though them n***as is a gathering.” He continues to clarify how Kendrick’s “Control” proceeded to “piss many individuals off,” while as yet driving the purpose of his strength home in an unquestionable style. “Try not to challenge that child,” he guarantees, around the twenty-three-minute imprint. “I did it cause I realize that Kendrick would hear his name and resemble ‘older sibling.’ The equivalent with Cole. Kendrick isn’t to be tested. I used to feel that path about Eminem in my initial years. However, in my psyche, Kendrick has taken that.”


Somehow or another, Kendrick feels much scarier than Em, in that couple of have at any point pushed him to the point of expressive reprisal. The couple of times Kendrick has felt constrained to mean-mug the game, it was an unnerving sight to be sure. The possibility of him taking part in an undeniable rap meat is damn close whole-world destroying.

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