Tekashi 6ix9ine Sentenced To 2 Years In Jail



All week, we’ve been holding back to see whether Tekashi 6ix9ine would walk free today. After an extensive court hearing toward the beginning of today, the rainbow-haired rapper’s destiny has at last been uncovered to people in general and, as opposed to reports from not long ago, 6ix9ine won’t walk free.


We have been following the condemning preliminary intently today and, early today, the judge affirmed that he would not be discharging 6ix9ine from his prison cell at this time. In his eyes, thirteen months served was insufficient for the rough wrongdoings submitted by the account craftsman. He did, in any case, express that due to his participation, his sentence would be altogether decreased. By the day’s end, Judge Paul Engelmayer landed at the accompanying.

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Tekashi 6ix9ine has authoritatively been condemned to serve two years (two years) in jail with five years of managed discharge. As indicated by Inner City Press, this sentence incorporates the time that Tekashi has just spent in prison. With that considered, the rapper is set for a discharge in late 2020, serving an additional eleven months all out. When he gets out, the star should serve 300 hours of network administration and pay a fine of $35,000.

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