Summer Walker Finds Humour In A British Girl Telling Her What To Do With Her Hair

Summer Walker has been making a fine showing with keeping her fans and supporters refreshed on her life, even before she propelled into uber accomplishment with her music. Regardless of whether it’s to grandstand her fine getups, her numerous blessings from her man London On Da Track or even her excellence endeavors, Summer has got everyone’s eyes on her.

So when she ran over a circumstance that constrained her to snicker, obviously, she made a beeline for Instagram to impart the occurrence to a portion of her fans who can most likely relate.

The “Come Thru” vocalist transferred a little story to her Instagram anecdote about an ongoing time a white lady attempted to disclose to her how to do her hair.

“lmao I simply had an entire white young lady simply want my edges and attempt to reveal to me how to do them. the young ladies are gaining out of power. LAWD. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt she has never had a dry ass toothbrush, edge control and relaxer all on her restroom counter all the while.”

She included: “I know beyond a shadow of a doubt she’s never had box interlaces, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt shes never had her scalp lubed with dark castor oil and YOUR TRYING TO TELL A BLACK WOMAN ABOUT HER 4c hair. Clever!”

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