Someone stated that Beyoncé is the new King of Pop and Taj wasn’t having it.



For certain individuals, when they hear the title King of Pop, just a single individual rings a bell: Michael Jackson. Notwithstanding, as another age develops into their innovativeness and entertainers of this present period are inserting themselves in music history, there are other people who have been offered a similar respect. As of late, there has been a discussion among fans and even famous people with respect to Chris Brown being the new King of Pop. The Michael Jackson examinations are certain, however some have contended that Breezy is more than meriting the late symbol’s respect.


Presently, an essayist has proposed that there is someone else qualified to take Michael Jackson’s crown. Beyoncé might be the sovereign of the BeyHive, yet this essayist accepts that she is the recently ruled King of Pop. “I expounded on how Beyoncé got one of the characterizing craftsmen of the decade, a lady who began the 2010s as a well-respected pop star however not yet a legend,” the essayist tweeted close by a connect to his article. “As the decade closes, Bey, as I would see it, can now believably guarantee the title King of Pop.”


The Jacksons might be one of the most dubious acclaimed families in American history, yet that doesn’t mean they aren’t as inseparable. Taj Jackson, Michael’s nephew and a previous individual from the R&B bunch 3T, reacted to Beyoncé purportedly assuming control over MJ’s moniker. “The King of Pop title isn’t available to anyone,” Taj composed. “It was presented to Michael Jackson through many years of hard work. At the point when Michael Jackson passed on, the title was solidified with him. Lord of Pop is synonymous with Michael Jackson, a similar way The King is synonymous with Elvis.”


Taj recommended that there are a lot of ways we can respect performers without wanting Michael Jackson’s title. “How about we make new titles for our dark living legends like Beyoncé,” he included. “Recall there is just a single Godfather of Soul. One Queen of Soul. One High Priest of Soul. What’s more, just a single King of Pop

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