Rick Ross, Reed Smith And 50 Cent Legal Battle

Rick Ross, Reed Smith And 50 Cent Legal Battle

 Rick Ross, Reed Smith And 50 Cent Legal Battle, They have been beefing since the late 2000s despite the fact that things went excessively far when Ross’ ex’s sex tape was released. At that point, 50 Cent was blamed for releasing the tape and even needed to pay Lastonia Leviston $7 million of every 2016 subsequent to being discovered at risk.

In the course of recent months, the fight in court among Ross and 50 has been continuous as the last is counter suing Reed Smith for not appropriately removing Ross during the first preliminary. Truth be told, 50 cent claims Ross is the person who truly released the tape that started Rick Ross, Reed Smith And 50 Cent Legal Battle.


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As per new court reports, Ross is currently standing up against 50’s strategies, noticing that he has had enough with the trivial shenanigans. In these records, Ross asserts his honesty and his craving to be finished with this adventure, for the last time.

“For a considerable length of time, I have been occupied with what numerous individuals in our industry call a ”rap war” or ”hamburger”‘ with another Hip-Hop artiste, Curtis Jackson, who is expertly known as “50 Cent,” Ross composed. “In spite of the fact that I have no malevolence towards Curtis, I accept he genuinely detests me. […] “All things considered, I never posted the video (or any extracts of it) on Deeperthanrap.com or on some other site. I never approved any other individual to post the video or any selections of it on DeeperthanRap.com or on some other site for my benefit. Indeed, I never at any point had ownership of the video.”

Notwithstanding these court archives, Reed Smith has applied to have 50’s negligence suit tossed out. The appointed authority still can’t seem to settle on a decision. Fans are really reading this gist and readers are increasing every seconds according to urbanislandz

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