Rapper Boosie Badazz Blames Pilot For Juice WRLD’s Death

Juice WRLD's Death

The rapper talked with VladTV about Juice WRLD’s Death and laid fault unequivocally on the pilot, as it’s reputed that he called the experts on Juice and his escort subsequent to discovering that they had guns on the plane. It’s accepted that once the plane arrived at Chicago’s Midway Airport and Juice discovered that government operators were headed to look through their things, he ingested different pills so he wouldn’t stumble into difficulty.

“I ain’t never get the chance to meet Juice WRLD,” Boosie conceded. “I DM’d him two or multiple times, however I ain’t never get the chance to meet him up close and personal.” The rapper said since Juice WRLD’s passing he’s been getting familiar with him. “This present buddy’s had ability since center school. Like, this buddy been realized he was bound to be extraordinary.”

Juice WRLD's Death

Vlad includes that a significant number of these new rappers are mainstream since they “get a wave” and afterward get themselves a couple of face tattoos before accomplishing something amazing so as to become famous online. Notwithstanding, Juice WRLD wasn’t care for that. The host proceeded to praise the late craftsman on his abilities and finished by saying, “To be dead by 21-years of age is insane.”

After a short interruption, Boosie included, “I would beat that f*ckin’ pilot ass.” Angrily, Boosie included, “Someone have to beat that f*ckin’ pilot ass, brother. The person who told the f*ckin’ individuals they had firearms on the plane. B*tch, you shouldn’t…you the one [who] made the individuals come search the plane. That is the reason he gulped the sh*t.”


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“A rodent! F*ckin’ snitchin’,” the rapper said. “An overall f*ckin’ plague. Narks. Ol’ snitchin’ ass b*tch driving the plane gon’ alert the specialists. You snitchin’ ass ho. You a ho. On the off chance that you listenin’, b*tch.” Boosie shared that when the police come, you need to dispose of any unlawful substances, however “he took a lot of that sh*t. That sh*t had me irritated!”

He went on fling a couple of more nark affront to the pilot before tending to the topic of why, as a fruitful craftsman who is pulling in a huge number of dollars, you’d have a team sneaking 70 pounds of weed into Chicago. Boosie said that individuals at that age settle on poor choices, particularly the individuals who have cash coming so rapidly. “It’s an entire diverse thing,” the rapper said. “You don’t settle on the correct choices when you gotta lotta cash and you youthful. That cash will f*ck you up, dawg. A huge number of dollars at f*ckin’ 19, 20-years of age? Brother. R.I.P. Juice WRLD.


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