QC’s Pierre “Pee” Thomas Exposes Lira Galore’s Texts To Show That Her Abuse Claims Are False



A week ago, it was accounted for that Lira Galore blamed CEO for Quality Control Pierre “Pee” Thomas of physically manhandling her during her pregnancy with their kid in a $15 million claim against him. Pee at that point terminated back at Lira’s charges of maltreatment just as her cases that he is an unfit dad. As indicated by TMZ, Pee flipped the switch, guaranteeing Lira was the person who was “physically savage.” In a currently erased Instagram post, Pee expounded further on the issue, proceeding to deny his supposed carelessness as a dad and uncovering Lira’s alleged “harmful forceful conduct.”



“I’m simply tired of seeing my kid’s mom attempt and criticism me just as I’m so unfit,” Pee communicates in the inscription of the post, which shows screen captures of instant messages among Pee and Lira. “She can deny her awful medication propensities and her poisonous forceful conduct all she wants…” Pee expresses that he “not even once beat on that woman,” and proceeds to detail the different exercises Lira supposedly occupied with, including “plotting with her pimp” and “grunting coke while pregnant.” He focuses on that he accepts the claim against him is only “a 15 million dollar shake down,” and utilizes the arrangement of instant messages to assist him with demonstrating his point. Lira has not yet reacted to his cases.

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