Prince Harry is the second son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Princess Diana. Who is known for his military service and charitable work.

Harry is brimming with acclaim for the route individuals over the U.K. have joined together in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Talking about an ongoing Declassified webcast scene highlighting the ways veterans venture to assist in coronavirus alleviation, the Duke of Sussex, a military veteran himself, said the reaction he saw made him “staggeringly proud.”

“I’m respected to be a veteran, and regarded to be a piece of that network,” he said. “I’m simply so extraordinarily pleased to perceive what these people here and there the nation and over the world are doing on an everyday basis, I think what has happened particularly in the U.K. is the absolute best of the human soul.”

The scene centered on Team Rubicon UK, a disaster response group that uses a military approach to deal with those out of luck with assistance. Harry has previously worked with the group, attending a caring operation in Nepal in 2015 after an unexpected quake.

The association as of late propelled Op RE:ACT, calling upon veterans to indeed step forward to help their nation through this difficult time.

Harry proceeded to adulate the National Health Service just as “a large number of individuals chipping in.”

“It’s such a brilliantly British thing, that we as a whole come to help when we need it,” he said.

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