Pau Gasol Sends Birthday Cake To Bryant Family For Gigi'sPau Gasol Sends Birthday Cake To Bryant Family For Gigi’s, Gianna Bryant and her legendary father Kobe, tragically pass away in a helicopter crash on January 6th. The accident claimed the lives of seven others and to this day, the basketball community is still broken up about what happened.

Vanessa Bryant has been remaining strong through all of it and whenever she can, she posts some beautiful tributes to her husband and late daughter.
In fact, yesterday would have been Gigi’s 14th birthday and to celebrate, Vanessa took to Instagram with a beautiful caption that honored her child. Bryant’s former Lakers teammate, Pau Gasol, also made sure to celebrate Gigi as he and his wife sent the Bryant family a gorgeous multi-layered birthday cake that said “Happy Birthday GIGI” at the top. It was a beautiful design that also featured large flowers on the sides.

Gasol was extremely close to Kobe throughout his career and when Kobe passed away, Gasol was devastated. It has been hard for him to speak publicly about the death of his friend although he continues to pay his respects with incredible gestures like this one.

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