North Korea Media Claims Kim Joun Un Is Alive


North Korea Media Claims Kim Joun Un Is Alive, Kim Jong-un demonstrated to everybody that the newd about his demise were incredibly overstated. That is, on the off chance that you accept the state-run media in N. Korea.

Significantly, an administration run paper distributed photographs of the dictator at a manufacturing plant opening in North Korea, the paper asserts the photographs were taken Saturday in Korea.

Although, Kim had not been found out in the open for almost 3 weeks there were reports in Japan and China he was dead. Meanwhile, other news sources asserted he was gravely sick.

Different United States government divisions are examining. It shows up until this point, the U.S. hasn’t had the option to make certain confirmation about the area of the processing plant or the date the photographs were taken.

One reason the accounts have continued … Kim’s sister appears to have accepted a bigger job in the administration and the discussion there is … she’d succeed Kim, in any event for the time being. BTW … she’s much more authoritarian than him … on the off chance that is even conceivable.

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