Netflix’s Gay Jesus Film Creators Receive Critics From Molotov Cocktail Attack


The makers of the disputable Netflix film, The First Temptation of Christ, were focused by a Molotov mixed drink bomb in the early long periods of Christmas Eve. The base camp of the satire troupe, called Porta dos Fundos, in Rio de Janeiro, was hit by two oil bombs, causing a fire which “imperiled a few guiltless lives in the organization and in the city.” Luckily, nobody was harmed, and Porta dos Fundos has given the police their surveillance camera film of the assault.


This occasion happens in the wake of the significant kickback that the gathering got for their previously mentioned film, which depicts certain Biblical occasions in another light. In the unique, Jesus brings home his “new companion,” or his vigorously suggested sweetheart, to meet his family on his 30th birthday celebration. The film was not generally welcomed by many, who guaranteed that depicting Jesus as a gay man was hostile to Christians. A request, which presently has 2.33 million marks, was begun, requesting the expulsion of the film from Netflix’s index. Porta dos Fundos reacted to the bombarding, which, starting at yet, has not been affirmed to have been regarding their most recent film. “Porta dos Fundos censures any demonstration of savagery. We expect those liable for the assaults to be found and rebuffed. Be that as it may, our need right presently is the wellbeing of the whole group that works with us. We will talk again once we have more subtleties. Then, Porta dos Fundos might want to strengthen our pledge to pleasantness and proclaim that we will proceed onward more grounded, increasingly joined together, motivated, and certain that Brazil will endure this tempest of scorn, and love will win alongside the right to speak freely of discourse.”

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