2019 was an incredible shameful year for both Lori Harvey and Jordyn Woods, and it would appear that they’ve taken to holding over it. The two women managed a considerable amount of dramatization a year ago; Jordyn was blamed for attaching with Khloe Kardashian’s child daddy Tristan Thompson in spite of Jordyn’s nearby connection with the acclaimed family at the time, and Lori was condemned for dating Diddy, the dad of her ex Justin Combs soon after they separated, before proceeding onward to her present boo, Future.

Everything thought of it as, bodes well that Jordyn and Lori are inclining toward one another. Their companionship got known to people in general after Lori was spotted observing Jordyn’s birthday with her in September, and it would seem that its going solid. On Saturday, Jordyn posted a video of Lori shooting their appearance in a washroom reflect as Jordyn washes her hands, and the subtitle will cause you to acknowledge exactly how similar these two are.


“Be that as it may, forrealll for what reason did we do a similar head turn ,” Jordyn subtitled the post, alluding to the indistinguishable development they make at precisely the same minute in the video. Their signals aren’t the main thing that demonstrate to be comparable about these two. Regardless of whether it’s the lighting, the channel, their coordinating slicked back braids, or the way that they’re both so damn excellent, Lori and Jordyn could genuinely be twins in this video. On-screen character Mirtha Michelle appears to concur, as she remarked saying, “You young ladies look like twins.”


Jordyn additionally posted a photograph of her and Lori strolling down the road together, both of them blazing the equivalent brilliant grin. Jordyn inscribed the photograph “smileeee bihhh ,” and pop star Normani even gave the post some affection with her remark, “cuties.”

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