An ongoing scene of The Real has pulled in significantly more responses after one of the hosts, Loni Love, took a stand in opposition to dark men and their dating propensities. The 48-year-old said on air that dark men essentially don’t have the foggiest idea how to be unwavering and included how she trusts it stems right back to bondage.

“I don’t represent the Black people group by I do imagine that a ton of Black men, they truly don’t have the foggiest idea how to have genuine, steadfast connections,” she said. “They think since they have cash, they have power, that they can treat ladies any sort of way.”

Loni’s co-have Adrienne Bailon ringed in and said men’s deceiving practices happen “in such huge numbers of societies,” however Loni oppose this idea. “No, it’s not no matter how you look at it since what’s going on is that we are as yet managing the purpose of subjection,” Loni included.

“Furthermore, we are relatives of servitude and on the grounds that our families were separated, despite everything we don’t have a thought of how to have fellowship in light of the fact that our families were separated.”

Watch the video below:

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