Subsequent to being exchanged to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the late spring, there were different inquiries about whether Chris Paul would be content with his young squad. Having exchanged away Paul George and Russell Westbrook, it looked just as the Thunder were attempting to reconstruct while utilizing Paul as a veteran power who could show the little youngsters some things about the game.

By one way or another, the Thunder have had the option to substantiate themselves as an imposing enemy in the Western Conference and are even in a season finisher spot. A large portion of this achievement lays on the shoulders of Paul who been downright exceptional for the group.

LeBron and CP3 are incredible companions and this past summer, some felt like the Los Angeles Lakers could have been an extraordinary landing spot for the point watch. Notwithstanding, it’s unmistakable Paul has earned the regard of his companions this season and will be fascinating to see whether the Thunder can support their prosperity pushing ahead.

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