Brampton teen with cancer talks about getting dying wish to meet

Only half a month back, the tale of Corey Groves became a web sensation. Forests is a 17-year-old from Canada who was determined to have arrange four sarcoma disease. Tragically, specialists disclosed to Corey that he doesn’t have a lot of time left to live and that he may, truth be told, just have a year. In a report from the Toronto Sun, Groves talked finally about his object of worship LeBron James and how he needs to meet him before he kicks the bucket. As Groves clarified, the Christmas Day game against the Clippers would have been his chance.


“Before becoming ill, I would eat, rest b-ball,” Groves said. “Odds are [being in L.A. for the Christmas Day game] will be my last occasion ever. I’m wanting to get the message out and perhaps stand out enough to be noticed so I can shake my legend’s hand.”

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During the Lakers’ walkthrough on Wednesday, Groves got the opportunity to experience his desire and even snapped a photo with LeBron. As should be obvious in the Instagram photograph beneath, Groves was sticking around the court when LeBron came through and shook his hand before snapping the pick. It’s one more case of LeBron being a positive head and he surely made Corey a cheerful person right then and there. We’re certain he’ll generally recollect the minute he met his object of worship.

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