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Juicy J has officially opened the door for Artists and Musicians to join his Production Team, Numerous craftsmen consistently battle with increasing an a dependable balance in the business, looking for that one major break that separates them. For a few, the open door might just arrive, civility of Memphis legend Juicy J and his extending creation group. Today, the Three 6 Mafia rapper took to Twitter to share a declaration slice greeting to any maker, lyricist, or artist ready to join the JUICY J PRODUCTIONS family.

“Any makers melody writers guitar and bass players , console players , horn players anyone with melodic ability,” he composes, by means of Twitter. “on the off chance that you wanna join JUICYJ PRODUCTIONS, get at me I have 5 studios booked 50 beats per week serous individuals just lets goo!!!” From its sound, Juicy J is centered around hoarding a sizeable collection of music, maybe flagging the appearance of an impending venture. It’s not so much different from what J. Cole did with Revenge Of The Dreamers 3, yet in a progressively in the background scale.

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As of now, the Tweet has prepared a free for all of reactions, a considerable lot of which originated from performers hoping to hold Juicy to his promise. It’s vague whether J has started the get together procedure, yet at whatever point he’s prepared, he has no lack of competitors. Should you be keen on connecting up to cause music with the Three 6 Mafia rapper, to make certain to hit him up before the program is set.

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