Hailey Bieber Team Up With Levi For New Jean Collection

Hailey Bieber Team Up With Levi For New Jean Collection, Levi’s boast about Hailey Bieber when the denim titan marked the model as the first ambassador of its 501 pants in about 150-year history in 2019. Presently, Bieber is bringing the equivalent “vitality and positive thinking” that scored her the activity to her most recent work with Jaden Smith. What was scheduled to be a celebration centered push for the brand, with the brilliant pictures of the celebrities wearing marked Levi’s and occasional pieces debuted at Coachella, has been moved considering Covid-19.

“Jaden is stunning,” said Bieber of her modelling co-star. “He’s so innovative and brings such a stunning soul to all that he does, I believe it’s the entertainer in him. I love that we got the chance to work on this.” She snickered a ton on the shoot, which was “only a great day spending time with partners” and her canine, Oscar. In lieu of celebrating at the delayed California celebration, Bieber and Smith invested energy with their families during lockdown.

This warm mentality is a vital part of the motivation behind why Levi’s previously asked Bieber to show its everywoman and everyman jean style. “Levi’s is a brand that leaves you alone yourself,” the 23-year-old clarifies of why she inked the arrangement. “That is essential to me.” Bieber’s first experience with the American mammoth’s denim came by means of her dad, Stephen Baldwin. “I constantly used to take my father’s garments since I loved wearing everything curiously large, similar to his tees and Trucker coats, even his 501s,” she says. “I’ve been wearing 501 shorts since I can recall that… they cause me to feel like me.” Accordingly, her solitary standards when searching for another pair pants is that “[she’ll] have the option to wear them over and over”.

Bieber may wear her pants loose, however she adjusts the outlines of her daywear with trimmed vests up top. At Coachella 2019, she combined her 501s with ribbon bustiers – both highly contrasting – overwhelming gems and Vans.

The denim shorts she plans to “live taking all things together during summer”, in the mean time, are constantly cooperated with thick boots (ideal for celebration stepping), navel-brushing tops and acquired from-the-young men shirts and coats, which could without a doubt have been appropriated from the closets of Baldwin – or Mr Bieber.

Her Cali celebration looks going back to 2015 – years before Levi’s sniffed the glowy-cleaned influencer out for an agreement – show that she’s constantly been a vintage denim young lady. The boho celebration wear may travel every which way, however Bieber’s 501s are forever.


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