Grand Rapids police released videos of the fatal police shooting of Patrick Lyoya

Grand Rapids police hold a press conference at 3 p.m on wednesday. They also release footage from the April 4 fatal police shooting of Patrick Lyoya.

The release of the videos comes after more than a week of calls to release all footage surrounding the April 4 fatal shooting of 26-year-old Lyoya by a Grand Rapids police officer.

Police said Lyoya was pulled over by the officer. He said he then attempted to flee after he learned he would be arrested. The officer and Lyoya engaged in a fight that lasted around 90 seconds to two minutes, and then the police officer shot him.

Grand Rapids police released videos of the fatal police shooting of Patrick Lyoya who is 26 years old, including one that shows the fatal shot.

During the press conference at city hall, which hold on the 13th of April, police Chief Eric Winstrom released videos from four different sources of the April 4 fatal police shooting of Lyoya.

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Cellphone video taken by a passenger in Lyoya’s car provides the clearest footage of the fatal shooting. The graphic of the fatal shot, is captured near the 32-second mark. Viewer discretion is strongly advised as it does show the loss of human life.

For about a week, multiple community members including organizations have called for police to release any and all footage surrounding the shooting so they could see what had happened.

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A great number of those who were part of the protest were asked to wait in a lobby nine floors below until someone left City Commission Chambers to make space for them. City officials said that the procotol was due to capacity. A number of the protesters took to nearby Calder Plaza and continued singing.


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