EU sends ‘strong signal’ to Western Balkans

EU sends 'strong signal' to Western Balkans

The EU reaffirmed its promise to Western Balkans countries on Wednesday. Brussel has promised the sum of €3.3 billion to help fight the coronavirus pandemic in the region.

It comes in the midst of fears that a few states were adjusting themselves to Russia and China. The EU needs to keep the Balkans on track to joining the EU.

“I think there is a great deal of thankfulness in all the capitals in the region for what the European Union is doing,” said Andrej Plenković, Croatian Prime Minister who was leading the meeting.

“These nations are in a manner encircled by the European Union. On the off chance that we take a look at region there is no place else they can go.”

When the Coronavirus outbreak first began, Russia, China and Turkey were quicker than the EU to send help to the region and were praised by local politicians.


Recently, dissatisfaction was expressed over the progress of membership talks.

Notwithstanding, the EU’s amplification official Oliver Varhelyi told Euronews there should be sure advancements sooner rather than later.

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“For Serbia I might want to see an ever increasing number of sections opened, ideally still before the year’s end begin shutting parts. We have one final standing section with Montenegro, I would need to open that… Furthermore, obviously, we have a significant open door coming up after the Serbian decisions, possibly to get a drawn out arrangement in the discourse among Pristina and Belgrade.”

EU promotion talks for Albania and North Macedonia got the green light in March, and the Commissioner says they could begin inside a year, yet for them and other trying countries, this is a lengthy, difficult experience to travel.

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