Empire may welcome back Jussie Smollett for Sixth and Final Season



When Jussie Smollett was blamed for organizing a racially charged and homophobic assault against himself in Chicago, his pined for spot on Empire featuring as Jamal Lyon was stopped after the show’s maker Lee Daniels clarified that regardless of reports, he would not be returning. “Jussie won’t be coming back to Empire,” he expressed. While the show carried on not surprisingly, it presently looks as if the system is thinking about bringing Jussie back as they might suspect it’s the best activity considering the 6th and last season is coming up and the story should end solidly.


Showrunner Brett Mahoney disclosed to TVLine that the transition to bring Jussie back may turn into a reality. “It would be unusual in my psyche to end this family show and this family dramatization of which he was such a huge piece of without seeing him,” he told the distribution. “Most would agree it’s being talked about, however there’s no arrangement starting at yet to bring him back. There’s been no choice made.”

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Jussie left at the last two scenes of season five when the show caused it to appear as if he went on a special first night with his better half Kai and a short time later they chose to move to London. In spite of the charges against Jussie, his cast mates especially miss him. “It harms. It resembles losing a child, however it’s pleasant not having the entirety of the media carnival around with respect to everything that occurred,” he said.

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