Drone-to-door trial of medicines takes off in Ireland

Drone flies to the rescue in first coronavirus food and drugs ...

Drone-to-door trial of medicines takes off in Ireland, A drone service has collaborated with Ireland’s health authority to distribute prescriptions instead, which had to abandon its fast-food delivery experiments.

In the small rural town of Moneygall, Manna Aero partners with Health Service Executive to provide drugs and other important resources to vulnerable people.

Autonomous drones made in Wales are used in the company’s court.

And it is looking into the possibility of trials within weeks in the UK.

During the pandemic the UK has already confirmed a drone test for bringing supplies to the Isle of Wight.

Also, care home residents will soon be able to get their prescriptions shipped in Florida.

But on set flight paths, such tests are.

And the Irish flights go straight to their homes, the last stage of an end-to-end “closed loop” network that the company claims is a first.

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‘Absolutely brilliant’ After a video chat, local GPs write prescriptions, which drones then drop off at patient homes.

The craft may also supply vital items-such as milk or bread-to those who do not go outside.

Fidelma Gleeson, 70, said it was “brilliant.”

“I never thought I’d see the day there would be such technology that I wouldn’t have to travel back and forth to get my medication,” she said.

Dr Colm O’Reilly, a GP from nearby Toomevara, said it was “a great help in a rural area where there may not be as much support as you do in the region.”

Drone flies to the rescue in first coronavirus food and drugs ...

“It is amazing to see how technology is coming together to help us serve our patients in these difficult times,” he said.

Manna Aero Chief Executive Bobby Healy said he wanted to bring the trials to the UK to ‘show people what we can do-maybe work with the NHS’

“We’re probably planning to do that in the next few weeks-thinking lockout will continue,” he said.

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