Disney World Invader Arrested By Security AgentsDisney World Invader Arrested By Security Agents, Walt Disney World is secured tightly during the coronavirus pandemic, yet evidently that wasn’t tight enough for a man to make Disney Island his home.

The Alabama man, 42-year-old Richard McGuire, was captured after Disney security agents came in contact with him.

Stop and think for a minute. Discovery Island has been shut since 1999. Disney has changed its utilization to an untamed life park, yet the different structures on the island have stayed flawless. He was roaming in one of the structures when security discovered him.

McGuire was enjoying the great outdoors on the Island since Tuesday, yet sooner or later, security acknowledged something was up. They pulled out their bullhorns and requested him to come out, yet there was no reaction. The exertion was then buttressed with pontoons, a helicopter and foot watch.

McGuire said he was “ignorant” he was intruding, in spite of the various “No Trespassing” signs put close to the island.

The Alabama occupant presently faces a wrongdoing intruding charge. Far more detestable, he’s been restricted from all Disney parks.

Florida will incompletely re-open Monday, yet it’s indistinct when Disney World will be ready for action. It’s been shut since March 16.

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