It’s been a couple of months since we’ve heard any news with respect to Orlando Brown, the previous Disney Channel star. The man has plainly been fighting a few evil spirits, entering a recovery program and offering some amazingly odd expressions on the web. His latest claim includes Nick Cannon with the on-screen character asserting that he has gotten explicitly private with the humorist, taking part in oral sex with the man.

In a video posted by Worldstar, Orlando Brown can be seen meandering the passageways of his nearby one-stop-shop, addressing his telephone about his past experiences with Nick Cannon. Expressing that he would not like to uncover Cannon’s mysteries, he did only that decisively. “You need me to tell everyone? You need me to tell everyone what occurred?” asked Brown before dropping a stunner. “Scratch, I let you suck my dick. Alright? Fine, I said it. I let Nick [Cannon] suck my dick. Also, I preferred it, it was alright. Scratch, you sucked my dick. Be that as it may, everyone realizes you did it as a female.”

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I don’t have a clue about what’s more awful… the genuine substance of this video or the way that Orlando Brown is around here in a Walmart straightforwardly shouting that Nick Cannon gave him head in rehashed style. Scratch has not reacted to these charges.

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