Floridians in Jacksonville ran to state Beaches on Saturday amidst critics over the pandemic.

Residents in Jacksonville, Florida ran to state beaches after they resumed all activities on Saturday, causing lot of exposure to the said virus.

“This can be the start of a pathway back to a normal life,” Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry said in an announcement declaring the choice to revive beaches. “Be that as it may, if it’s not too much trouble regard and follow the confinements”

He included: “The information for Duval County is empowering and Until further notice, we have to stick with it and keep  staying safe.”

Also in pictures put across online, beaches can be seen stuffed with individuals obviously overlooking the city hall leader’s recommendation to “finish what has been started.”

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who tested positive for COVID-19, says the choice to revive beaches in Jacksonville is “very concerning.”

“At the point when they talked about the bend straightening and the bend diving, we despite everything have not seen a significant descension, what we’re seeing is to a greater degree a level in the province of Florida,”

he said on MSNBC, Saturday “What’s more, I’m worried that in case we’re not cautious that we could witness the virus going viral.”

Also following Saturday’s circumstance, the hashtag “#FLORIDAMORONS” inclined on Twitter and the beaches may be open for constrained hours.

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Prior this week, Trump-Advisor Stephen Moore stated During an appearance on CBS News, Friday, Moore went into greater detail:

“I think we should have started this a week or two ago,” and he said. “I think we lean way too much in the direction of keeping the economy shut down to try to save every life, not realizing that we’re causing huge hardship for citizens — again, people at the bottom and businesses — and we’re going to suffer a big loss of living standards because of this.”

Protesters against stay-at-home orders have taken to the streets to protest the government’s closing of non-essential business.

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