COVID-19: Bill Cosby wouldn’t survive in prison owing to the rapid increase of coronavirus worldwide, people around the world have great fears for prisoners.

There have been several inquiries about whether the prison system would have the option of encouraging inmates and supplying them with sanitary facilities when attempting to prevent the spread of coronavirus. In either case, there have been several prisoners fighting to be released on home confinement. We saw that 6ix9ine was finally released from jail and Billy McFarland urged the legislature to get comparative treatment.

Be that as it might, Bill Cosby sees little success in his attempts to be released from prison. Andrew V. Wyatt, Cosby’s lawyer, reveals to NBC News that his client wouldn’t have the opportunity to survive coronavirus if he were to get the infection in jail somehow.

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Not only is Cosby who is 82 years old, not able to get home condiment to prevent him from cantacting the virus, but he also has previous conditions. The actor takes medication for hypertension, which the supply of the medication has been blocked due to lockdown. There have been glaucoma experiences, and two major medical procedures to avoid cardiovascular distress have proved failing.

Gov. Wolf required some prisoners to be transferred to house custody or other correctional facilities, but Cosby was not among those on the list.

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