Chris O'Neal Arrested For Hit And Run

Chris O’Neal Arrested For Hit And Run, The star of Netflix’s “Greenhouse Academy” has been captured after he reportedly struck two vehicles, harming one of the passengers, and afterward leaving the scene.

Chris O’Neal was driving in the San Fernando Valley at around 11 PM Friday when he jammed 2 vehicles, harming one of the individuals inside … law enforcement revealed this to the public.

Cops got two 911 calls from various individuals, reacted to the scene and saw tire tracks. They followed the tracks to a close by front garden where they discovered Chris’ ’94 Camaro with the actor inside, completely alert.

They gave him a field temperance test and state he blew directly over as far as possible.

Chris, who likewise featured in Nickelodeon’s “The manner by which to Rock,” “Cheat” and “You Gotta See This,” was captured for lawful offense attempt at manslaughter and lawful offense DUI.

With respect to the individual who was harmed in the accident … we’re told the wounds are minor.

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