Cardi B Shares No Makeup Face On Instagram









Cardi B has never been embarrassed or humiliated to feature certain parts of her life that some would consider excessively private or basically just a lot of data for others to know. She just as of late shared her skincare schedule that is a piece NSFW and there’s been on many occasions in the past that she’s opened up about things that you could never ask somebody.

So when Cardi B hit up Instagram today to share an image of herself strolling with no make up and her hair a little shaken up, it came as no surprise. “Ya Stank …..BAREFACE,” she captioned the image. The expression on the “Press” rapper’s face is all too relatable especially during the holiday season when you have to link up with certain family members or any given day of the year when someone makes a questionable comment.


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The comment section of the post had fans sending positive vibes to Cardi, showing nothing but love. “Cutest stanky face,” one user wrote, while another added, “You’re just as beautiful without your makeup as you are with it!”


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