Popular celebrity couples, Beyonce and Jay Z first child Blue Ivy shows the importance of hand washing during this coronavirus period.

Blue Ivy Carter is ensuring that everybody realizes exactly that it is so essential to wash their hands so as to dispose of germs, particularly during a worldwide pandemic.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s oldest child volunteered to show the world what can occur in the event that you don’t wash your hands appropriately, utilizing a powerful visual guide to truly get the point over. Blue’s grandma, Tina Knowles, posted her 8-year-old granddaughter’s science probe on Instagram, in which Blue uses a bowl of water and pepper to speak of the COVID-19 infection microorganisms.

Tina said:
“My splendid granddaughter Blue did this analysis to show how washing your hands battles the infection,”. Blue starts the sanitation show by welcoming her watchers, clarifying precisely what she’ll be doing today. “Hello you all,” Blue says, as the camera catches an overhead shot of a bowl of water and pepper. “While we’re stuck at home, I have this little DIY analyze that you can do at home as well. This is the reason it’s imperative to wash your hands.” She continues to dunk her finger into a ramekin loaded with “a blend of a variety of sorts of cleanser.” Blue at that point takes a similar finger and places it into the bowl of water and pepper, making the pepper particles quickly spread toward the external edges of the bowl.

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“This is the reason it’s critical to wash your hands,” Blue says. “Supposing that you wash your hands, your hands will remain clean, yet in the event that you keep your hands messy, you may become ill. I trust you folks are remaining safe, wash your hands extra, and please remain at home. Love you all, bye.”

Watch video below:


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