Beyonce Likes Then Unlikes Kylie Jenner’s Post On IG & People React On Twitter, Beyoncé is an entirely private individual more often than not, regularly minding her own business until it’s an ideal opportunity to drop a bomb on us all and stop the world.

Some portion of this baffling and cryptic presence is Beyoncé’s propensity not to toss prefers around via web-based networking media, regularly saving her Internet action for her own, frequently captionless posts and hurling the incidental approval to a meriting client. That is the reason this ongoing move of hers stunned fans so a lot, they fired thinking of potential clarifications for it since it was so unusual.

The post above may appear your normal Kylie Jenner IG photograph, however at a certain point, it had a like for Queen Bey herself. Considering Beyoncé doesn’t follow Kylie (or anybody, besides) and isn’t too tight with the Kardashian-Jenner family nowadays, enjoying Kylie’s photograph appeared to be weird, particularly a truly normal post this way.

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The sharp eye of the Internet observed the stunning like, and Beyoncé (or, let’s face it, whoever runs her record) immediately expelled it. Notwithstanding, the deed had been done, and the Internet was shook.

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