American Rapper, Blueface Accused Of Humiliating Homeless After Tossing Cash Around L.A.’s Skid Row

The Christmas season frequently makes individuals offer back to the less lucky in different manners. A few people volunteer their time while others give to noble purposes. Lil Pump banded together with Hot Dog on a Stick and My Friends House Foundation to give out dress and nourishment to the destitute in Downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row area, and it looks as though Blueface has been enlivened to give back, also.

On Monday, a video surfaced of Blueface remaining on a vehicle in the core of L.A’s. Skid Row. The California rapper is seen with a sack loaded up with piles of money and as opposed to giving cash to individuals individually, Blueface hurls it not yet decided. Underneath him, vagrants scramble around snatching at the air and getting bills off of the road.

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Individuals can be seen truly falling more than each other to ensure they get a lot of Blueface’s money. The demonstration, anyway giving, evoked many reactions online as certain individuals blamed the rapper for endeavoring to mortify the less lucky.

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