Adam22 Gives Update about Why Tay-K Was Sent To Solitary Confinement Over “No Jumper” Interview



Such a large number of youthful rappers who have been riding their waves in the course of the most recent few years have wound up on an inappropriate side of the law in 2019. Kodak Black is at present in the slammer in Florida, previous SOB x RBE rapper Lul-G is confronting 25 to life for first-degree murder, NBA YoungBoy is supposedly on post trial supervision on charges that he attacked his ex, YNW Melly is in prison blamed for killing two of his companions, and Tay-K was as of late condemned to 55 years in jail for homicide and burglary.


No Jumper’s Adam22 discussed the last case with VladTV as they talked about craftsmen who have run-ins with the law. Adam uncovered that in the beginning of Tay-K’s lawful issues as the youthful rapper was bolted up, a discussion he had with Adam got him sequestered to isolation. “I liked a ten-minute meeting with him on the telephone in jail,” Adam said.


“The main extremely lamentable thing about that will be that—well, in this way, his administration was there. His administration arranged the Tay K, Blocboy [JB] melody, his administration arranged the telephone talk with ’cause we did the telephone meet generally the opportunity the tune turned out just to kind of advance it. His administration stated, ‘We need to audit the meeting before we put it out.'”


Adam didn’t have an issue with that. “They audit it, they hit me back, they state definitely it’s fine. You can put it out,” he stated, noticing that there was a little comment they needed him to take out on the grounds that it could have ensnared one of his chiefs for harboring a criminal. “The meeting turns out [and] Tay-K gets tossed in single two or after three days on the grounds that in the meeting—and I didn’t consider in light of the fact that in my mind the driving force is off me to expel anything from the meeting in light of the fact that the administration said they were going to evacuate it.


The administration didn’t request that I evacuate the part where we discussed him having an iPad. Along these lines, at that point he gets in lone, a wide range of extra charges and sh*t in light of the fact that he had a f*ckin’ iPad and he’s simply in prison utilizing the iPad.”


The No Jumper have said he addressed if “there were grown-ups in the room” who were really focusing on the meeting in light of the fact that nobody perceived this would be an issue. Since he was simply directing a meeting and not searching for those sorts of problematic considerations, Adam guaranteed he didn’t consider expelling it himself. “It didn’t generally enroll to me that he had recently said that,” Adam expressed. “It’s everything no big deal since he’s doing anyway numerous decades in prison that has nothing to do with that, yet that happened.”

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