The previous summer, A$AP Rocky’s detainment in Sweden for ambush exasperated fans over the globe, and one such fan took things excessively far. While Rocky was spending time in jail in a Swedish jail, a lady by the name of Rebecca Kanter was captured for taking steps to explode the House of Sweden in fight, and has now been given an official court date where she will gain proficiency with her destiny.

Kanter visited the Swedish Embassy on July 22nd, 2019, in which she supposedly regurgitated the substance of a Coca Cola bottle at the House of Sweden complex while taking steps to “explode this motherf*cker” before escaping the premises.

Regardless of the “Be On The Look Out For (BOLO)” notice gave by Secret Service specialists gave, Kanter was not situated until the next day when she came back to the House of Sweden. She was not spotted until after she by one way or another got passed security and reviled out the Embassy for the capture and detainment of A$AP Rocky.

After Kanter continued to thump over a showcase and foot stool in the anteroom, Embassy staff allowed her the chance to leave, yet she stood up to. Mystery Service operators captured her, and she was discharged on bond under the watchful eye of coming back to court on July 31st.

She will presently get an official decision on charges of stubbornly harming and harming property of an outside government and declining to withdraw a remote international safe haven, when she shows up before a judge in the not so distant future on January 29th.

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